Enrich your Marketing Technology stack with the integration of online and offline data to enable better decisions. We help integrate key business applications and processes into your technology to ensure your Marketing Technology operates effectively in your organisation’s IT Infrastructure.


We assess your current technical architecture, and identify, design and implement integration platforms to connect your legacy applications while driving desired scalability and flexibility.

Strategy & Roadmap

Our team provides your company with a blueprint and technical roadmap for the retirement of legacy platforms and the move to a strategic integration platform.


We architect, plan and develop a roadmap for the retirement of monolithic applications and the migration of integrations to a microservice-first architecture.


Our team designs, develops, tests and orchestrates end-system data and integration. Ensuring the application of best practices and the inclusion of self remediating design during outages and system failures.


Ensuring actionable data is available to your technology in real-time requires architecting the data flow between source systems, and the enablement of API integrations. Our team helps you replace batched systems with an API-first architecture.

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