Marketing Automation

We scope, design, and deliver automated marketing campaigns, activities and processes across multiple channels using Marketing Automation. We’re certified experts in Salesforce and Adobe Marketing Clouds and can help your business maximise the potential of passive revenue from marketing automation.

Iterative Value

We help you assess your Marketing Automation performance. Optimising, testing and delivering continuous value is the key to unlocking additional value from your marketing automation platform.


We have extensive experience in delivering tailored training programmes to assure your team’s transition to Marketing Automation is seamless. We assess your current capabilities, provide customised training and support your team’s adoption of their new platform.


Our experienced team scopes, designs and delivers a fully integrated Marketing and CRM technology using our bespoke implementation programme – ensuring your new technology is enabled and integrated with your organisation’s technical architecture.

CRM Integration

Utilising our bespoke implementation approach, our team will integrate your CRM platform directly into your Marketing Automation platform. Ensuring that as much value can be unlocked from your customer data as possible.

Health Check

Bower House Digital’s unique benchmarking and health check capability equips organisations to assess the health of their data and platform. We help evaluate the maturity of your team’s skills, marketing automation programme and transformation ability.


We are certified experts in multiple platforms, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Campaign Manager, Braze, Marketo and many more. Building complex automations and integrating various channels and applications is our speciality.

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